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  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème riche Stimulift
    Firmer, smoother and plumper, the face is visibly transformed, its contours redefined and its outline retraced. As if lifted, your skin is soothed and filled
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift
    This LIFTING FIRMING DAY CREAM reshapes facial contours and retraces its outline whilst smoothing away wrinkles.
  • La Crème Nuit Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift nuit
    This PLUMPING AND REGENERATING FACE CREAM leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.
  • La Crème Cou et Décolleté Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Jeunesse originelle cou et decolleté
    This LIFTING AND BEAUTIFYING ANTI-AGEING CREAM envelops the skin of the neck and neckline in a delicately pearlescent, gentle framework.
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Jeunesse originelle mains
    Dark spots are visibly reduced. Enhanced and protected, your hands are bursting with beauty right to the fingertips.
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Jeunesse originelle yeux
    This ADVANCED ANTI-AGEING TOTAL LIFT TREATMENT melts into the skin and leaves a delicious feeling of freshness.
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Masque biologique
    This NOURISHING ANTI-AGEING FACE CREAM TREATMENT envelops the skin in its delicate signature powdery scent and softens the signs of fatigue and ageing.
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    The skin is firmed and lifted, and the facial contours are retraced.