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  • Bain des Lagons
    Idéal Hydratation
    Bain des lagons

    This RADIANCE FACIAL CREAM MASK with its fresh and melting gel texture offers a moment of genuine well-being and relaxation.

  • La Crème Nuit Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift nuit

    This PLUMPING AND REGENERATING FACE CREAM leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.

  • Le Baume Nuit Parfait 3 ORS
    3 Ors
    Le masque de nuit parfait 3 ors

    Le Baume Nuit Parfait 3 ORS is unfused with 3 Golds for the ultimate skin regeneration

  • Le Masque Biologique
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Masque biologique

    This NOURISHING ANTI-AGEING FACE CREAM TREATMENT envelops the skin in its delicate signature powdery scent and softens the signs of fatigue and ageing.

  • Masque d'Imprégnation Biocellulose
    Idéal Hydratation
    Masque d'impregnation Biocellulose

    The skin is moisturised, regenerated, soothed and refreshed with lasting effect

  • Masque Poudré
    Idéal Contrôle
    Masque poudré

    This PURIFYING AND MATTIFYING SUPPLE MASK refines the skin’s texture and leaves the skin fresh, soft and velvety with lasting effect.

  • Le Baume Nuit Néomorphose
    Régénérant fondamental – baume de nuit

    This REGENERATING ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT helps to smooth the surface of dry, tight skin and ensures long-lasting moisturisation.