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  • La Gelée Après-Soleil Réparatrice
    Solaire anti-âge
    La Gelée Après-Soleil Réparatrice

    La Gelée Après-soleil Réparatrice provides face and body after-sun care enriched with Hyaluronic acid, well-known for its hydrating properties. It visibly and

  • La Crème Clarté
    Clarté fondamentale – crème

    This RADIANCE REVITALISING TREATMENT reveals a visibly more even, transparent and bright complexion with more radiant, vibrant skin that looks transformed.

  • La Crème Néomorphose
    Combleur fondamental – crème

    This RICH PLUMPING FACE CREAM, enriched with hyaluronic acid made using biotechnology techniques, penetrates and intensely moisturises the skin.

  • La Crème Sensidote
    Idéal Douceur

    This FACIAL ANTI-AGEING PREVENTION CREAM boosts the skin’s quality and defences, leaving it suppler and more resistant. J

  • La Crème-Gel Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème des lagons

    This MOISTURISING FACE CREAM tones the face and leaves the skin feeling deliciously fresh.

  • Crème Révélatrice Fermeté
    Crème révélatrice fermeté

    This RESHAPING AND FIRMING BODY TREATMENT visibly acts on contours to effectively shape your silhouette.

  • La Crème Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème riche des lagons

    The CRÈME RICHE DES LAGONS immediately soothes dehydrated skin.

  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème riche Stimulift

    Firmer, smoother and plumper, the face is visibly transformed, its contours redefined and its outline retraced. As if lifted, your skin is soothed and filled

  • La Crème Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift

    This LIFTING FIRMING DAY CREAM reshapes facial contours and retraces its outline whilst smoothing away wrinkles.

  • La Crème Contrôle
    Idéal Contrôle
    Emulsion poudrée

    This MOISTURISING AND REBALANCING FACE TREATMENT absorbs excess sebum, allowing the skin to regain its balance and radiance and limiting the appearance of skin

  • Le Fluide Urbain SPF 15
    Urban Rescue

    A daily protecting fluid with multiple benefits: moisturisation, urban protection, anti-pollution protection, everyday UV protection, protection against free

  • La Crème Parfaite 3 ORS
    3 Ors
    La crème parfaite 3 ors

    La Crème Parfaite 3 ORS is infused with 3 Golds for the ultimate skin regeneration