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  • Concentré Hydro-Repulpant
    Les Précis

    Visibly plumps up the epidermis, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is moisturised, supple and radiant with health

  • Concentré Tenseur Liftant
    Les Précis

    Firms the skin and visibly tightens the contours. The eye contour area is tightened

  • La Crème Sensidote
    Idéal Douceur

    This FACIAL ANTI-AGEING PREVENTION CREAM boosts the skin’s quality and defences, leaving it suppler and more resistant. J

  • La Crème-Gel Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème des lagons

    This MOISTURISING FACE CREAM tones the face and leaves the skin feeling deliciously fresh.

  • Crème Révélatrice Fermeté
    Crème révélatrice fermeté

    This RESHAPING AND FIRMING BODY TREATMENT visibly acts on contours to effectively shape your silhouette.

  • La Crème Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème riche des lagons

    The CRÈME RICHE DES LAGONS immediately soothes dehydrated skin.

  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème riche Stimulift

    Firmer, smoother and plumper, the face is visibly transformed, its contours redefined and its outline retraced. As if lifted, your skin is soothed and filled

  • La Crème Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift

    This LIFTING FIRMING DAY CREAM reshapes facial contours and retraces its outline whilst smoothing away wrinkles.

  • La Crème Nuit Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift nuit

    This PLUMPING AND REGENERATING FACE CREAM leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.

  • Eau des Lagons
    Idéal Hydratation
    Eau des lagons

    This HYDRO-VITALISING RADIANCE LOTION reveals your complexion, leaving it fresh and pink. Your skin is left supple, comfortable and energised, with your face

  • La Crème Contrôle
    Idéal Contrôle
    Emulsion poudrée

    This MOISTURISING AND REBALANCING FACE TREATMENT absorbs excess sebum, allowing the skin to regain its balance and radiance and limiting the appearance of skin

  • Fluide de Beauté 14
    Fluide de beauté 14

    This NOURISHING OIL FOR FACE, BODY AND HAIR is enriched with hazelnut and corn oil to nourish and soothe even the most dehydrated skin.