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  • Solaire anti-âge
    Crème après-solaire réparatrice fermeté corps
    Phytokine® and soy proteins preserve the skin’s firmness and tone. Immediately soothed, nourished and moisturised, the skin is soft and visibly younger. A
  • Solaire anti-âge
    Crème solaire visage hydratante protectrice SPF 30
  • Solaire anti-âge
    Crème solaire visage protectrice anti-âge fermeté SPF 50
  • Urban Rescue
    A daily protecting fluid with multiple benefits: moisturisation, urban protection, anti-pollution protection, everyday UV protection, protection against free
  • Solaire anti-âge
    Lait solaire corps hydratant protecteur SPF 30
  • Idéal Hydratation
    Masque d'impregnation Biocellulose
    The skin is moisturised, regenerated, soothed and refreshed with lasting effect
  • Néomorphose
    Régénérant fondamental – baume de nuit
    This REGENERATING ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT helps to smooth the surface of dry, tight skin and ensures long-lasting moisturisation.
  • Néomorphose
    Régénérant fondamental – crème
    This REGENERATING FACE TREATMENT infuses the skin for an instant soothing action.