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  • Bain des Lagons
    Idéal Hydratation
    Bain des lagons

    This RADIANCE FACIAL CREAM MASK with its fresh and melting gel texture offers a moment of genuine well-being and relaxation.

  • La Crème-Gel Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème des lagons

    This MOISTURISING FACE CREAM tones the face and leaves the skin feeling deliciously fresh.

  • La Crème Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème riche des lagons

    The CRÈME RICHE DES LAGONS immediately soothes dehydrated skin.

  • Eau des Lagons
    Idéal Hydratation
    Eau des lagons

    This HYDRO-VITALISING RADIANCE LOTION reveals your complexion, leaving it fresh and pink. Your skin is left supple, comfortable and energised, with your face

  • Fluide de Beauté 14
    Fluide de beauté 14

    This NOURISHING OIL FOR FACE, BODY AND HAIR is enriched with hazelnut and corn oil to nourish and soothe even the most dehydrated skin.

  • Gommage des Lagons
    Gommage des lagons

    This RADIANCE AWAKENING RENOVATOR CREAM, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, eliminates impurities, roughness and dead cells and leaves the skin’s texture visibly

  • Lait de Beauté 14
    Lait de beauté 14 (corps)

    The LAIT DE BEAUTÉ 14 nourishes the skin every day, leaving it silky soft.

  • Le Sérum Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation

    This genuine moisturising radiance activator revives tired and dehydrated skin and boosts its water reserves.