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  • Crème Révélatrice Fermeté
    Crème révélatrice fermeté

    This RESHAPING AND FIRMING BODY TREATMENT visibly acts on contours to effectively shape your silhouette.

  • Fluide de Beauté 14
    Fluide de beauté 14

    This NOURISHING OIL FOR FACE, BODY AND HAIR is enriched with hazelnut and corn oil to nourish and soothe even the most dehydrated skin.

  • Lait de Beauté 14
    Lait de beauté 14 (corps)

    The LAIT DE BEAUTÉ 14 nourishes the skin every day, leaving it silky soft.

  • Sérum Expert Réducteur Contours
    Sérum expert réducteur contours

    This ANTI-CELLULITE SLIMMING ACTIVATOR BODY SERUM releases fat, softening the padded orange-peel effect on the skin.