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  • La Crème Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Crème riche des lagons
    The CRÈME RICHE DES LAGONS immediately soothes dehydrated skin.
  • Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème riche Stimulift
    Firmer, smoother and plumper, the face is visibly transformed, its contours redefined and its outline retraced. As if lifted, your skin is soothed and filled
  • Solaire anti-âge
    Crème solaire visage hydratante protectrice SPF 30
  • Solaire anti-âge
    Crème solaire visage protectrice anti-âge fermeté SPF 50
  • La Crème Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift
    This LIFTING FIRMING DAY CREAM reshapes facial contours and retraces its outline whilst smoothing away wrinkles.
  • La Crème Nuit Stimulift
    Jeunesse Originelle
    Crème Stimulift nuit
    This PLUMPING AND REGENERATING FACE CREAM leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.
  • Eau des Lagons
    Eau des lagons
    This HYDRO-VITALISING RADIANCE LOTION reveals your complexion, leaving it fresh and pink. Your skin is left supple, comfortable and energised, with your face
  • La Crème Contrôle
    Idéal Contrôle
    Emulsion poudrée
    This MOISTURISING AND REBALANCING FACE TREATMENT absorbs excess sebum, allowing the skin to regain its balance and radiance and limiting the appearance of skin
  • Le Fluide Urbain SPF 15
    Urban Rescue
    A daily protecting fluid with multiple benefits: moisturisation, urban protection, anti-pollution protection, everyday UV protection, protection against free
  • Le Gel Yeux Lagon
    Idéal Hydratation
    Gel yeux lagon
    This MOISTURISING AND RELAXING GEL softens dark circles, reduces puffiness and prevents lines and wrinkles.
  • Gelée des lagons
    Gelée des lagons
    This CLEANSING RADIANCE LOTIONS FOR FACE, EYES AND LIPS with its deliciously fresh and rich gel texture instantly rids the face of impurities.
  • Gommage des Lagons
    Gommage des lagons
    This RADIANCE AWAKENING RENOVATOR CREAM, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, eliminates impurities, roughness and dead cells and leaves the skin’s texture visibly