My C.L.E
Facial beauty device combining two energies to visibly shape your skin’s youthfulness
My C.L.E
Your skin will be visibly improved with each day.
Global anti-ageing
Discover a powerful, intuitive and innovative device, My C.L.E by CARITA. One machine, two energies to a personalised experience at home. Firmness, dark spots, imperfections or radiance: My C.L.E combines four unique beauty programmes designed to meet all of your needs. Day after day, the power of LEDs (providing a tailored response) and microcurrents (instant lifting) amplify the targeted action of CARITA serums to reveal skin that meets your highest expectations.
Discover this device with its innovative design and intuitive operation. Just four minutes a day for visible, lasting results.

Rechargeable battery.
- Charge your device for three hours before first use
- Cleanse your face by using My C.L.E.
- Clean the device with a cotton pad soaked in water or alcohol before and after each use.
STEP 1: Switch your device on and choose the LED colour matching your programme. RED LED: CONTOUR FIRMING paired with the Sérum Combleur Anti-Ride Lissant, BLUE LED: SKIN PERFECTING paired with the Sérum Poudré, GREEN LED: EVEN COMPLEXION paired with the Sérum Clarté, WHITE LED: SKIN RADIANCE paired with the sérum des lagons
STEP 2: Select the microcurrent intensity.
STEP 3: Take two to four presses of the relevant serum and apply directly to the left side of the face, neck and neckline without massaging in.
STEP 4: Perform the gestures for your programme
Once your programme is finished, turn off the My C.L.E device and clean it.