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  • La prescription néomorphose Carita
    La prescription néomorphose

    Professional concentration for an anti-ageing metamorphosis

  • Lait Solaire Anti-âge SPF30+
    Solaire anti-âge
    Le Lait Solaire Anti-âge SPF30+

    Le Lait Solaire Anti-âge SPF30 provides face and bodycare enriched with hyaluronic acid, well-known for its hydrating properties, combined with a broad-spectrum

  • La Crème Solaire Anti-âge SPF50+
    Solaire anti-âge
    La Crème Solaire Anti-âge SPF50+

    La Crème Solaire Anti-âge SPF50+ is a product which offers a facecare enriched with hyaluronic acid combined with a broad-spectrum of UVB/UVA protection. It

  • La Gelée Après-Soleil Réparatrice
    Solaire anti-âge
    La Gelée Après-Soleil Réparatrice

    La Gelée Après-soleil Réparatrice provides face and body after-sun care enriched with Hyaluronic acid, well-known for its hydrating properties. It visibly and

  • Le Sérum Pro.Dermic
    Sérum Pro.Dermic

    The Pro.Dermic Serum reduces tingling sensations and redness, while repairing the skin barrier and is also effective on the signs of aging.

  • Bain des Lagons
    Idéal Hydratation
    Bain des lagons

    This RADIANCE FACIAL CREAM MASK with its fresh and melting gel texture offers a moment of genuine well-being and relaxation.

  • La Crème Clarté
    Clarté fondamentale – crème

    This RADIANCE REVITALISING TREATMENT reveals a visibly more even, transparent and bright complexion with more radiant, vibrant skin that looks transformed.

  • La Crème Néomorphose
    Combleur fondamental – crème

    This RICH PLUMPING FACE CREAM, enriched with hyaluronic acid made using biotechnology techniques, penetrates and intensely moisturises the skin.

  • Combleur Fondamental – Patch Regard
    Combleur fondamental – patch regard

    This ANTI-AGEING EYE CONTOUR PATCH smooths this sensitive area and helps to combat puffiness and signs of ageing.

    Combleur fondamental – soin regard

    This ANTI-AGEING EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT smooths and refreshes the eye contour area – an action enhanced by the reshaping properties of its massaging nozzle.

  • Concentré Anti-Imperfections Texture
    Les Précis

    The skin gains a quality boost and is radiant with health. Imperfections are smoothed and the skin texture refined.

  • Concentré Antioxydant Éclat
    Les Précis

    Protect the skin from oxidation caused by environmental stress. Immediately illuminates the complexion and gives it back its radiance.