Transform your treatment experience with the power of LEDs and microcurrents. Energy performance to enhance your beauty.





    Microcurrents, low-intensity electrostimulation currents, are one of the most commonly used technologies on the beauty machine market and the professional skin treatment market. Microcurrents are known for their numerous anti-ageing properties such as reducing wrinkles and lines, or improving skin firmness and tone.



     Low-intensity microcurrents mimic the electrical currents naturally present in your body. They instantly mechanically induce increased volume and tone for the skin’s muscle cells, known as myoctytes. This immediate action enables our skin muscles to temporarily contract, providing an instant lifting effect for the skin. These microcurrents can also stimulate the production of the dermal structural elements elastin and collagen to reinforce the skin.






LEDs (or light-emitting diodes) are light sources of different wavelengths that emit very little heat.  Depending on the wavelength and resulting light colour, LEDs can penetrate the skin to different depths and create different skin benefits.


Red LEDs (630 ± 10 nm) can benefit the dermis and create anti-ageing benefits. Red lights help to reduce skin wrinkles and lines by stimulating fibroblasts, which secrete the collagen vital for supple and firm skin.


Blue LEDs (460 ± 10 nm) offer a global action on skin texture. They help to reduce skin imperfections (blackheads, pimples) and excess sebum.


Green LEDs (525 ± 10 nm) are known to improve the evenness of your complexion. These LEDs help to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin that can cause colour disorders.


White LEDs (the three LEDs combined) provide overall revitalisation for the skin.